Welcome to a website dedicated to the history of the Quanz and Quantz families. The Quanz and Quantz families have their origin in Germany. If you are related to either of these families we would like to hear from you. This website is hosted by three cousins in Canada:

Willkommen auf einer Website zur Geschichte der Familien Quanz und Quantz. Die Familien Quanz und Quantz haben ihren Ursprung in Deutschland. Wenn Sie mit irgendeiner dieser Familien in Verbindung stehen, lassen Sie es uns wissen. Diese Website wird von drei Vettern in Kanada betreut. Die meisten unserer Informationen sind in Englisch, aber wenn Sie Ihre Informationen auf Deutsch zur Verfuegung stellen, werden wir unser Bestes tun, um Ihre Informationen unserer Geschichte hinzuzufuegen.

John Quanz of Markham, Ontario     johnquanz@rogers.com
Ken Quanz of Baden, Ontario       quanz@golden.net
Larry Quanz of Burlington, Ontario      lquanz@yahoo.com

Quanz Family Crest
We believe the writing on the crest is as follows:

Wappen der Familie Quanz - Die Quanz aus Hessen Stammend, sind eines guten Geschlechts und führen im Schwarzrothen Felde drei Sterne und zwei Niberne Lilien, welche die Reinheit der Familie andeuten. Einen gekrönten Helm worauf ein Adlersflügel mit einem Stern der das Glück des Stammes darstellt. Dieses Wappen erhielten Sie unter Kaiser Sigismund Anno 1422.

A rough translation is:
The Quanz from Hessen descended from good lineage and conduct. The black and red field with three stars and two silver lilies represent the purity of the family. A helmet with a star represents luck. This is coat of arms was given to the Quanz family from Kaiser Sigismund, Holy Roman Reich I, in the year 1422, with the remark, that everyone by the name of Quanz is allowed to carry this coat of arms.

We are still researching several branches of the family. We would appreciate any help you can give us on these families. Have a look at the various chapters of our narrative history listed on this webpage. Any that are tagged as Research are based on leads we have found or been given. If you have any information that could help us connect these families we would appreciate hearing from you. Please email us at one of the addresses found at the top of this home page.

Wir erforschen noch einige Zweige der Familie. Wir sind Ihnen für alle Informationen dankbar, die Sie uns zu diesen Familien geben koennen. Werfen Sie einen Blick auf die verschiedenen Kapitel unserer Geschichte, die auf dieser Webseite dargestellt sind. Die Kapitel, die als Forschung betitelt sind, enthalten neue Informationen, die wir gefunden haben. Schicken Sie bitte ein E-mail an eine der Adressen, die oben auf dieser Seite angegeben sind.


Family History/Familiengeschichte
Any family history must first begin with a thorough genealogy of the family line. The Canadian Quanz Family owes a debt of gratitude to Harry Quanz for the years of work he has invested in our genealogy and history. His work resulted in the publishing of his book "The Quanz Immigrants to Perth County". Harry's research led him to Germany where he connected with a distant cousin Peter Quanz. Peter had been working on the genealogy of the same family line. Both had four Quanz family members that were a puzzle for them. Astonishingly, they each had separate halves of the story. Together they have provide a continuous line back to the mid-1600s where the records end because of the "30 Years War".
Thank you Harry and Peter.

Jede Familiengeschichte beginnt mit einer sorgfaeltigen Genealogie der Familienlinien. Die kanadische Familie Quanz verdankt dies besonders Harry Quanz, der jahrelange Arbeit in unsere Genealogie und Geschichte investiert hat. Sein Werk gipfelte in der Veroeffentlichen seines Buches "The Quanz Immigrants to Perth County". Harrys Foschung fuehrte ihn nach Deutschland, wo er auf Peter Quanz, einen entfernten Vetter, traf. Peter hatte an der Genealogie der gleichen Familienlinie gearbeitet. Beide hatten vier Quanz-Familienmitglieder, die ein Raetsel für sie waren. Verblueffenderweise hatte jeder eine andere Haelfte der Geschichte. Zusammen haben sie eine ununterbrochene Linie bis in die Mitte des 16. Jahrhunderts zurueckverfolgt, wo die Berichte wegen des Dreissigjaehrigen Krieges enden. Danke Harry und Peter!

 Danke Michael for your help on the German translation.


Narrative History
Here are some chapters of a narrative history we have to compliment Harry's book "The Quanz Immigrants to Perth County". Click on the line to link to the selected chapter. You can also use the search engine to find references to some of your relatives - just enter their name and press search. You will be presented with a list of possible links.



Quantz Family
        There have been several changes to the spelling of the Quanz name down through the years. The Quantz spelling, with the "t", has been used for many years. The branch of the family starting with Chapter 20 can trace it ancestry back to the mid-1600s.
        Many Quanzes added the "t" to the spelling of their name for a variety reasons ranging from simple spelling errors on birth certificates, to making it easier for others to spell the name, to concern about being associated with Germany during World War I.
        Currently we do not know the link between the Melchior Quanz family and the Quanz family of Schlotzau but we include the history of the Quantz family in the hope that someday we will learn the connection..


Tribute to Chris Quanz
Many of you are aware that the son of John & Elaine Quanz, Christopher John Quanz, died in a car accident on July 1, 2001. We have prepared this webpage as a tribute to Chris. It includes the tributes given by his friend Heather Thurton Carmichael, his Grandfather Walter Quanz and his brother Randy Grainger.
 We miss Chris. The beginning of July is always a tender time for us but while we remember Chris we also think of the accomplishments of his brother and sisters as they have moved on in their lives. Randy, Geri, Ben and Lauren have moved to a new home with all the excitement of exploring the community they live in and developing new friendships. Heidi is married with one son and continues teaching. Liesl is also teaching and she and her husband moved into their house this past summer.

Each year, over the July 1 weekend we gather at a camp that Chris and our entire family has enjoyed going to. Chris both camped and worked as a counselor at Camp Mishewah on Round Lake. The money given at the funeral in Memory of Chris was donated to this camp several years ago to purchase two sail boats for use by the children. One is named XIII and the other CQ. They are still going strong in 2020.


This is the CQ


This is the XIII. 

Chris's birthday was May 13.


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