Chapter 10.0

Krotz Family


            There are many links between the Krotz Family and the Quanz and Walter Families. This is a beginning of recording these links. The various sections are not very well structured or linked to each other but it is a start. The information is gathered / copied from many different sources. Most of this was gathered by Dorrell Boles.


Note: There were three Nicholas Krotz living in the community at that time. They were nicknamed “Black Nick”, “White Nick” and “Red Nick” to differentiate them from the other Nicholas Krotz.



Krotz Walter Connection - 1


Black Nick

George Michael Krotz – Born 1809 and died 1865. He married Helena Bender who was born in 1813 and died in 1896.

One Child of George Krotz and Helena Bender is:

1.   John Krotz – Born 1847 and died 1893, He married Amelia Heist who was born in 1849 and died in 1902.


One Child of John Krotz and Amelia Heist is:

a)   Nicholas John Krotz – Born 1874 and died 1937. He married Mary Ann Wolfe who was born in 1877 and died in 1953. Nicholas John Krotz was nicknamed “Black Nick” to differentiate him from other Nicholas Krotz living in the community at that time.


One Child of Nicholas John Krotz and Mary Ann Wolfe is:

2.   Elwyn Krotz – Born 1907 and died 1992. He married Alvera Marguerite Quanz daughter of John and Caroline Quanz. Alvera was born in 1906 and 1967.

See Chapter 5.1.4 Alvera Marguerite Quanz for more information on Elwyn and Alvera Krotz.


Krotz Walter Connection - 2

Frederick Krotz and Katharine Baumann (See the Walter Book Page 21).

Children of Frederick Krotz and Katherine (Catherine) Baumann are:

1.   Nicholaus Baumann Krotz

2.   Johann Krotz

3.   Caroline Krotz

4.   William Krotz

5.   Henry Krotz

6.   Fred Krotz

7.   Magdeline Krotz



White Nick

Nicholaus Baumann Krotz married Barbara Walter (born 1873, died 1927) daughter of John Ehrenfried Walter and Annie Drehmer. Nicholaus Baumann Krotz (nicknamed White Nick). Nick was the son of Frederick Krotz and Katharine Baumann (See the Walter Book Page 21). Barbara was referred to as Mrs. N.B. Krotz.


Children of Nicholaus Baumann Krotz and Barbara Walter are;

1.   Wesley Krotz

2.   Rev. Walter Krotz

3.   Lillian Krotz – married Wenzel.

4.   Flora Krotz – married Richmond.

5.   Hilda Krotz – married Wolfe.

6.   Ralph Krotz



Red Nick

Jacob Walter and Julia Arnold had a daughter Katharine Walter who married Nicholaus Krotz (nicknamed “Red Nick). See chapter 8.0 – Walter Family in the Quanz Family History book and page 112 of the Walter History Book.

Children of Jacob and Julia Walter:


1.     Katharine (Kate) Walter – born August 24, 1859 in Wallace.  She married Nicholas Krotz (Red Nick) and they resided in Listowel and moved to Huntingdon Park, California in the 1920s.  She collapsed and died leaving church on November 10, 1940.  She is buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery, where Nick had previously been interred.  No further information on Nicholas.


Children of Katharine and Nicholas Krotz:

a.   Herman Krotz – He went to California; the first of the family to go there. He went to Sydney, Australia and while there was contacted by Canadians in 1946. (See the latest Walter History Book 2014, on page 257, for more information on Herman.) Herman was killed by sharks off the coast of Australia.


b.   Harry W.  Krotz – born November 26, 1887. Harry married Myrtle Swanberger. He was a Realtor in Glendale, California. Harry died on February 26, 1971 in Los Angeles, California.

Children of Harry and Myrtle Krotz:

                                                            i.        Harry Krotz – born December 9, 1913.

                                                          ii.        Evelyn Krotz – born 1915.

                                                         iii.        Betty Jean Krotz – born July 18, 1922.

                                                         iv.        Patricia Krotz – born August 15, 1926.

                                                           v.        Richard Krotz – born November 27, 1927.


c.    Lena Krotz – born January 30, 1883. She married Jack Harry Dugan of Palm Springs California.  Jack was born on July 23, 1915 and he died on January 30, 1946. Lena died on January 18, 1944. Both are buried in Orange, California.

Children of Lena and Jack Dugan:

                                                            i.        Son – he became a Doctor.

                                                          ii.        Other children – don’t know how many in the family. 


d.   Bertha Krotz – born August 11, 1892. She married Clifford Hartson who was born on March 26, 1886.  They resided in Huntington Park, California.  No family.  Clifford died on June 22, 1962. Bertha was about 92 years old when she died on December 22, 1978.


e.   Lydia Krotz – born January 12, 1885. She married her second husband, Frank Cross in San Diego, California. Lydia died on December 10, 1955.

Children of Lydia and Frank Cross:

                                                            i.        Neil Cross – born 1917 in Canada.

                                                          ii.        Ruth Cross – born 1919 in Canada.

                                                         iii.        Frank Cross – born 1921 in California.


f.     Irene Krotz – born July 16, 1898. She married Clarence Smith.  Irene died a few years prior to 1976.




--- End ---