Chapter 11.0

Pletch Family

Sarah Quanz Miller            Sarah Quanz, who was born in 1868 on the 13th Concession of Carrick Township married Jacob Miller (born 1864) of Mildmay.


Sarah Quanz


Sarah and Jacob Miller had three children:

            1. Mary Miller – born Mar. 17, 1890 in Mildmay.

            2. Sybilla Miller - Born January 21, 1891 in Mildmay.

            3. Adam Echardt Miller - Born April 20, 1896 in Mildmay, Ontario









2. Sybilla Miller was born on January 21, 1891 in Mildmay, married Amos Pletch. Amos was born on April 10, 1880. They resided in Walkerton. Sybilla and Amos had one child Percy. Sybilla died September 8, 1952. Amos died February 20, 1960. They are buried in the Walkerton cemetery.







The child of Sybilla and Amos Pletch:

         a. Percy Pletch - Born March 11, 1927 in Walkerton. Married to Mary Crawford. Mary was born July 10, 1931. Dr. Percy Pletch is a Chiropractor with a practice in Walkerton.


The children of Percy and Mary Pletch:

           i. William Peter Pletch, D.C. – Born in Walkerton. He married Heather Howe of Mildmay. Dr. William Pletch was a Chiropractor in Hanover, Ontario. 








William Peter Pletsch






               William Peter Pletsch of Walkerton passed away December 14, 2013 in London, Ontario after a noble and lifelong battle with diabetes. He was in his 60th year. Peter is remembered for his dedicated work as a chiropractor and acupuncturist, where he worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for others. He was a passionate model airplane enthusiast and outdoorsman who was soft hearted, loved fun and was generous with his time and talent. In his life he fought for life and left behind a legacy of love and caring for others, and the simple joys of friendship, hope, laughter and kindness. Obituary in “The Post”, Hanover.


          The child of William and Heather Pletch:

          1. Rebecca Louise Pletch



          ii. James “Mark” Pletch - Married to Gail Mercer.



          iii. Mary Ellen "Polly" Pletch - Married to Glen Keyes.

                           The children of Polly and Glen Keyes:

             1. Dannie Keyes


             2. Hayley Keyes





*** End ***